Press Release

Morgan Lewis and Thomson Reuters Enter Into Partnership to Put Law Firms’ Needs at the Heart of AI Development

December 19, 2023

NEW YORK, December 19, 2023: As leaders in their respective fields, the global law firm Morgan Lewis and Thomson Reuters, a global content and technology company, have entered into a partnership to collaborate on new artificial intelligence (AI)–driven legal products. Through the partnership, Morgan Lewis will provide feedback to help shape the products created by Thomson Reuters, continuing a long tradition of innovation in both organizations.

“We have long valued our relationship with Thomson Reuters, with whom we share a commitment to being at the cutting edge of legal technology while ensuring best-in-class security and privacy protections. Together with Thomson Reuters, we are committed to trustworthy generative AI products that provide return on investment and enable our lawyers to succeed for our clients with even greater efficiency,” said Morgan Lewis Chair Jami McKeon. “Our firm’s legal services are executed through the lens of business-first solutions and proficiency in the data and technology-driven landscape. We look forward to working hand-in-hand with Thomson Reuters to make a positive impact on the legal industry.”

Morgan Lewis will receive early access to test new products during design and development efforts, providing feedback on features and usability. Thomson Reuters will work with Morgan Lewis lawyers and business professionals on actual legal use cases across a wide variety of practices and geographies.

“Morgan Lewis has outstanding expertise in the practice of law and legal technology, including their unique AI Task Force,” said Paul Fischer, president of Legal Professionals, Thomson Reuters. “Our strategic partnership will accelerate the development of AI-driven products and services. As the pace of innovation increases, we will continue working closely with our customers to advance development of market-leading legal technology. This new partnership is just one of the many ways we are developing the solutions for today and tomorrow.”

Morgan Lewis has a nuanced understanding of the fields of AI, machine learning, big data, and automation, bringing the benefits of a global firm that offers strategic and legal guidance for clients worldwide. Morgan Lewis’s AI Task Force, working in conjunction with the firm’s cross-functional Knowledge Management and Practice Services team, is at the forefront of legaltech AI capabilities, creating novel technologies and sophisticated data strategies to provide exceptional and value-added services to clients, as well as to inform firm operations and policy.